Shape Editor

Shape Editor is essentially a windows drawing program, designed for freehand drawing using a standard mouse (2 buttons + middle roller/button). It uses vector graphics which allows drawings to be scaled easily to any resolution without pixelating or loosing curve smoothness.

I created this program because I wanted to draw high quality freehand lines with the mouse. However, I find the standard brushtool of most drawing programs to be woefully inadequate for this, as they tend to make a path that passes through every movement of the mouse. The curve tool on most programs is also tricky as you generally have to enter tangent control points in addition to the points that the curve will pass through.

This program is based on the ability to completely edit just one type of object: a path of connected curves. You can easily close off this path and fill the interrior, thus creating a shape. Thus a drawing consists of several shapes, each of which is composed of several curve segments, which are composed of interpolation points.

A complete description of most of the progam interface can be found here: Shape Editor Controls.

The Shape Editor setup program my be downloaded from here: Install.exe(Version 1.8.0) (2.53 MB)
Latest executable: ShapeEdt.exe(Version 1.8.2) (700 KB)
Last Updated: May 16th, 2010

Shape File Viewer:
ShapeView.exe(64 KB) (Windows)
ShapeView.gz(52.3 KB) (Linux binary requires GTK)

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Examples and Tutorials

Example Shape Gallery

Tutorial #1, The Basics How to draw a Blob
Tutorial #2, How to draw a Lizard
Tutorial #3, Shading
Tutorial #4, Tips and Tricks

Video of Son Goku being drawn with lines and curves

Programming Examples: Programming

Known Issues

You should not zoom out as far as you can inorder to draw outside the boundary square because if you next zoom in as far as you can on these oversized objects, there may be problems rendering them. Most of these errors are now caught by the error handler, but you should still be careful not to cause them.
Stay in your box!

3D Demo

After much thought, I have concluded that a 3D shape editor is certainly possable, thus I have created this simple demo program to toy with the idea furthur.
3D Shape Editor Demo: Inst.exe(1.66 MB) Shape3D.exe(268 KB) dx7vb.dll(588 KB)